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Limited edition 'Love Thyself' Tee in collaboration with artist @kittycallaghan and produced by @buongiorno.mariaelena.


Original collage artwork commissioned for @fleurette___ and self love imagined and created exclusively by Kitty Callaghan in 2017 and printed by Maria-Elena Fieguth.


Christelle Scifo;

'Self care is love, self awareness is love, self love is living. When we love and accept ourselves for all that we are we can more affectively,  truly, madly, deeply and openly love others and the world around us'. 


Kitty Callaghan;

'Valentines Day should be more about self love and satisfaction. I think too many women (or, people in general) feel isolated and lonely on Valentine's Day so I wanted to create something that celebrates intimacy in all its forms'.


Maria-Elena Fieguth;

'Love is everywhere, beware'.

Love Thyself, Limited Edition Tee

  • Limited edition, uniquely numbered Love Thyself tee.

    Available now for pre-order in sizing; S, M, L.

    Express shipping Australia wide 8th-10th February 2023.

    Screen print, colour may vary.

    Made In Australia.

    100% Cotton.

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